Move-in day (08/13/16)

Today has been a long time coming to say the least. What I should have set out to accomplish so many years ago is finally happening. 

Moving away from home at 30 will no doubt be challenging. My wife and I will lean on our past experiences to help smooth the process. For many years I used to pack my bags and hit the road for a week, sometimes multiple weeks at a time. Every time it ended up being multiple weeks there was little notice, creating havoc for everyone. So, we have been here before and are confident that all that we go through during these next couple of years will, in the end, be more than worth the struggle.

We will also rely on the great support system we have in place to help with the transition to me living away from home. (I should note that I will be coming home at the least every other weekend.) Our babysitter here in town has already been of extreme help and has ensured us she will be there to help in this next phase as well. Along with our sitter, the mother-in-law is only a few blocks away and brother and sister-in-law are in the next town over. Not to mention the family back in our hometown who is also offering to help in any way possible.

So, I believe this journey is something that we will not only be able to handle- as a family we will make it through this and be better for it.




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