PHOTOS: Brother Jed visits EIU

We all have a story to tell. For Brother Jed intern Myrna Bennet, this part of her story began seven years ago when Brother Jed visited her church camp.

“I kind of got interested when first meeting him and then went on camp visits with him in Jonesboro,” the Arkansas native said. “It really sparked it up. This is what God has led me to.”

Bennet, who is not married said she lives by Ephesians 5:22, adding “a women should submit herself to the man. I submit myself to my father, since I’m not married yet, and while I’m on campus I submit to Brother Jed. The women is supposed to be quiet unless spoken to or called upon.”

Brother Jed and the group visit campuses throughout the United States with the mission of, “preach(ing) God’s gospel to the students and get(ting) them saved.

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