PEEP DIS: 2017’s best of the best photos

I know I haven’t posted, or vlogged, for a long time and I’M NOT SORRY. Ever since returning to school I have always believed my school work to be the most important aspect of being a student and I am proud to announce that I obtained my first 4.0 GPA (at EIU) as a result of my dedication to my coursework this past semester bringing my cumulative GPA to 3.86. Congratulations ME!

After the semester wrapped up and I came home the last thing I wanted to do was create vlogs or worry about other school related items. I am just so happy to enjoy my time with my family that I miss so  much during the school session. But, I wanted to take a little time to post a photo gallery of some of my work from 2017. I am not sure what 2018 will have in store for me but I am confident I will continue to work tirelessly to improve my skills. Lastly, I will graduate in the Spring with my BA and look forward to getting the ball rolling for the job search.

Here they are, one photo from every month of 2017. From dad to photo editor to taking offered jobs to working freelance, these photos summarize my year in a way that reminds me of all the different things I’ve done and the odd places I’ve been. Yes, the title is more or less click bait, the photos my not be my best work in YOUR eyes, but they are indeed the best to help me remember the past year.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks again for all the support and Enjoy the photos.



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