Journalism 3620 Broadcast News Package

Well, it's not a VLOG but it sure is some fine camera work. Of course i'm a little biased. Let me know what y'all think. Thanks again for supporting. And I did it all on my Nikon d5200.


The Final Vlog

Hello all! As you can see from the title I am quitting the vlog. I felt like I need to ensure I finish my college career strong and not creating a weekly vlog will help with that. I'm still very much involved on campus and will continue to put myself in situations to ensure I … Continue reading The Final Vlog

VLOG #13 Thanksgiving recap

Sorry I haven't been uploading these videos as frequently as I should be. With the semester winding down and finals right around the corner I have been pretty busy. Lucky for me I only have one actual final (Spanish) and the rest are more or less projects that I will either finish this weekend or … Continue reading VLOG #13 Thanksgiving recap

VLOG_#12 Back after a week off

Sorry I took a week off. In this 12th episode of my life as a non-traditional journalism major at EIU I do my best to catch you up. Thanks again for watching. If you could do me a favor and hit the"thumbs up" button I would greatly appreciate it.

VLOG #11 Why I Chose College

For me, the decision to choose EIU was fairly¬†simple. With that being said, a four-year degree wasn't (at least initially) always on my mind while enrolled at community college. It wasn't until after talking with a lot of people about Eastern Illinois University¬†and hearing all of the benefits that I decided to look into attending. … Continue reading VLOG #11 Why I Chose College